Sound Deadening

Our sound deadening service can be added to any other of our services or as a stand alone treatment, we use only the best products available without sending your budget sky high, with Skinz and 3m Thinsulate being our chosen products.

We have had excellent results with the combined materials with reductions of between 11 decibels and a massive 20 decibels in the cockpit at various speeds, decibels will be tested pre and post completion as your vehicle will be road tested and results measured accordingly, if your vehicle is a track car and doesn’t meet various track levels because of your exhaust and engine set up it will only be extremely loud in the driving seat, reducing this by up to 20 decibels is not only pleasing on the ear but is also a very worthwhile treatment with regards to your hearing, In terms of specific risks, those exposed to over 85 decibels of sound continually are at a higher risk for acoustic trauma.

Acoustic Trauma cannot be reversed so look after your hearing while you can.

You can find one of our installs here

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