SiRamik Glasscoat System Upgrade

As with most coatings the SiRamik System is hard wearing, durable and ultra slick where along with extremely high chemical resistance is becoming our most asked for upgrade.

This will include our multiple stage wash process along with our ultimate cleanse which includes Alkali water carefully applied in small sections to completely free any surface of ground in dirt and grime. Please dont mistake our Alkali Water with any TFR (traffic film remover) or other cheap, nasty and damaging caustic solutions. This process is not sprayed upon the surface, nor is this applied through a foam lance, application is by hand where complete coverage can be monitored and sensitive areas can be omitted.

The vehicle will then be subjected to as many as 6 stages of machine work where defects are eradicated as effectively as is allowed.

Once ready the coatings will be applied of which will firstly see the paintwork primed with Nano Prime creating stunning depth and clarity which is then locked in by 2 separate coatings, SC HR which is a heat resistance coating which will also be applied to wheels and exhaust tips, this will be followed by SC Ultima which is an ultra durable and hydrophobic layer and when combined the 2 coats will provide a durable layer lasting upto and over 3 years. Of course Siramik SC15 can also be chosen instead of or as well as.

Advanced Protection Technology

Part 1

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SC-HR Heat Resistance Coating

This is the base layer, containing the highest silicon of the 2 coatings this has been formulated to withstand heat to the extreme temperatures of exhausts and engine components and is ideally suited for alloy wheels and brake callipers, as the base layer for the paintwork this is the toughest and strongest we can offer and alone will provide in excess of 2+ years, it is also currently undergoing tests for a hard glass coating for satin or matt finish paintwork.

Part 2

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Ultima is the upper coating that will provide the extreme gloss and crisp clear looks that will create an unbelievable hydrophobic layer, adding further protection and superior cleaning abilities. Ultima is also as with SC-HR suitable for all plastics where durability is again excellent. As with coatings of this technology most would require infra red drying times but Ultima is a 60 minute fast cure with no IR needed, however overnight cure indoors or undercover is imperative to the coatings initial protection as complete cure is 60 hours.

How and where is it applied?

APT (Advanced Protection Technology)  can only be applied by a recognised and accredited Siramik Glasscoat® application specialist where the vehicle in question will be subjected to numerous levels of decontamination and cleansing processes prior to any machine correction that may be needed before applying no less than 2 layers of the coatings on the paintwork and 1 of SC-HR on wheels,  a protective coat yet to be determined will also be added for protection of the coating whilst within the first 60 hours where full hardness is achieved.


Prices start from £250 for the Advanced Protection System.

You can also add SC15 to any of the above for £75 per coat.

Please note that this whole process is time consuming and you should expect to be without your vehicle for 5-7+ days depending upon vehicle size. Please remember these are upgrade prices and are extra to any chosen treatment/service.

An upgrade to Diamas Professionali is also available here.

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