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Here at we use an array of products that are suitable for every job we undertake.

From the Finest Quartz Coatings to some of the worlds most bespoke waxes. And with a mixture of well known paint sealants the choice is yours and covers all bases from Aesthetics to durability.

Ceramic Coatings

Hard, Glassy and semi permanent Quartz based can be seen as somewhat ground breaking, our in house brand Siramik Glasscoat is no different, in fact it has advanced to include the world’s first diamond infused ceramic coating for added strength, durability and looks.


SiRamik SC15

SiRamik SC15 is our entry level ceramic coating and so far has been extremely popular with our clients, with properties that will outstay many others and durability upto and beyond 2 years with the correct maintenance, this incorporates a maintenance agent that is available only to us, this is why when maintenance is carried out by ourselves after initial application we will personally guarantee the product will last the term stated. This is also the stated case for the APT and Diamas Professionali coatings.

SiRamik isn’t like others in the way it looks as this creates a deep wet look that lasts where many others may look sterile or clinical after just a few months.

Boasting a massive amount of Silicon Oligomer to the tune of 70% active and 100 degree contact angle this really is something special, it also contains Aluminium Chelate that further enhancers this tough exterior coating and the bonus for myself is the fact that it has extremely low solvent content which in turn gives off no fumes that others seem to do.

(Guarantee is given only when maintenance is carried out and the correct procedures and products are used between maintenance programs)



What is it? ACF‐50 (Anti‐Corrosion Formula) is an aerospace product that is now available to,  Its aviation approval is MIL‐SPEC 81309 Type II and III, which means it is approved for
ferrous and non‐ferrous metals, electrical systems and electronic components.

It is a VERY sophisticated type of ‘thin film’ water displacement product designed as a corrosion prevention and inhibiting compound for the harsh environmental conditions associated with aircraft operation with the added advantage that it will stop existing corrosion and is slow to deteriorate (it has a 12 to 18 month active life). It is also a very efficient penetrative formula without loosening structural attachments (a bit disastrous on an aircraft or motorcycle) and an excellent lubricant without having any high‐pressure (HP) lubricants, wax, silicon or Teflon additives (which actually seal in moisture thereby aggravating and perpetuating the corrosion process). It is ‘pro‐active’, neither passive nor waxy, is compatible with plastics and most rubbers and is EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL IN USE ‐ AND CONTAINS NO WATER.

Its uses on motorcycles and car engine bays are very similar to those on aircraft. Sprayed into the structure, joints and welds i.e. under the tank and seat, frame and steering head area (where the corrosion works away un‐noticed), under panels and on hidden parts of the engine, radiators, engine cases, forks, callipers, wheels, anywhere on the bike or bay really because it will work hard to prevent corrosion and structural degeneration.

Where corrosion is already evident it will help inhibit further progress by insulating and electrically ‘switching off’ the corrosion cell.

It will also penetrate around bolts, screws and hardware protecting them and preventing seizure.

Exposed engine and gearbox cases, swinging arms, forks and other exposed parts will benefit from ACF‐50’s thin film technology by not corroding, will stay looking good and will clean up easily after a salt laden ride.

It is also excellent on black plastic trim without leaving the residue of silicon. It will protect electrical joints, plugs and components and prevent corrosion causing high resistance joints. This goes for PCB’s and electronics as well, such as computerised ignition and fuel control units and their multi pin plugs, while switches, controls and levers will all be lubricated as well as protected from corrosion. Multi pin plugs and connectors benefit from having ACF‐50 applied directly to the contacts.

What will it actually do? It will, with regular applications; make maintenance easier and save you money, make the bike easier to clean, look better, help prevent surface/structural/electrical corrosion related failure thereby increasing reliability and it will increase the bike’s value.  It will for an engine bay keep corrosion at a minimum whilst protecting everything underneath it and keep it looking like it is well maintained and looked after, engine bays treated with acf-50 will stay cleaner for longer than any other dressing or treatment. That’s what it will actually do! How its applied! Being designed for aircraft it has a non‐flammable propellant we give the areas to be treated the the lightest coating possible, enough so that when it creeps it will cover all. It really does creep. It is then spread over the areas sprayed with a microfibre cloth, The cloth then gets impregnated and then spreads it further. Under the tank and hidden areas it will last up to a year, (at least a year in plugs and switches). Exposed areas such as forks, the front of the engine, wheels and callipers, if the engine bay is completely enclosed ie with plastics and undertray it will last anything upto a year, destroying the moisture that lead to corrosion, long drive, garage and moisture will occur, acf-50 will fight this. It is a must and is available as a bolt on so please ask.


*The figures stated throughout the product description are of Reflectology trials, testing and regular maintenance therefore no responsibility shall be held for product failure should a maintenance plan not be in place, nor shall we cover damage to any coatings or surfaces should any maintenance not be carried out by ourselves*

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