BMW M3 on Location in County Durham

Its been a while and in truth done my fair share of travelling since i was last on but thought i would pop this one up from County Durham….The days were grim…the gazebo was up and paint….well the paint was a little like the base of a pan….scoured….it started out like this….

With the wheels treated to the usual Rim 7 and a good old clean of the arches it was time for some Reflectology R-1NE Solution first used as a snow foam….50ml in a litre of water….

It was then used as a shampoo…30ml in 20 litres should do it but you could go to 50ml if you wanted….no pictures of me with my hand in a mitt though….

Once the cleaning and claying was done….with which Supernatural clay was used along side R-1NE as a lube (diluted right down) it was measurement time and this one stuck out just a bit….

The rest was fine though…defect hunting came next and the bloodhounds came out and found these….

I got the bonnet looking something like….

Then carried on….

Got the passenger side looking something like….a few pics of the quarter…

Day 2 brought around this lot….these are just as the light was warming up….

As you can see the colour is really coming back….

Now for the os rear quarter….

Boot lid was ok considering….

as you can imagine the roof and bonnet were in pretty much the same shape but with the weather as it was i just needed to get cracking so unfortunately omitted the pictures of those 2 areas….

All this was just one hit with S17+ on an orange scholl pad….pressure was the key to success but knew it needed a little more so i did it again with the same combo but left the pressure out….Once i had got round it all I applied a layer of my own PTFE sealant R-5VE LockDown….


And then buffed to greatness….

It was then time to get some natural light on the M so the ‘Bo was down and hey presto….

I had fully intended getting more after pics that were suitable for show but with light dwindling the days were short…so day 3 saw me heading back for final touches and more shots….but got there to these….

Zorsts polished with this….

Thanks for checking in on another ¬†paintwork recondition from Reflectology….

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