Post Accident Condition Report

This service is similar to the new car inspection but this highlights defects and quality after repairs, insurance companies are obliged to provide a finish that meets the pre accident condition of your vehicle, this though is not the case as they agree a set standard with bodyshops that is an “Acceptable Standard” this standard can be seen here /news/range-rover-evokecommercially-acceptable-repair/

Our report and inspections have taken on insurance companies and in all occasions been successful meaning the customers can have the paintwork rectified by ourselves at no cost to themselves.

This report costs £175 and includes the following.

In depth inspection at the bodyshop where the vehicle has been repaired.

Written report with images of the defects present.

Complete breakdown of work needed to rectify the issues.

This service is provided within a 20 mile radius of our HQ, further distances are charged at £0.75p per mile each way.

Our reports are at the 100% success rate meaning your costs can be reimbursed by your insurance company.

If you feel you need to have the paintwork inspected after repairs then please get in touch.

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