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In here you will find details of work we have carried out on all things Porsche.

Porsche 996 transformation

This transformation took place over a period of 5 months with a standard 996 Gen1 being brought right upto date with a paint quality to match, with a wet sand to increase clarity and to remove more serious defects this was then treated to Siramik Glasscoat Advanced Protection Technology and Diamas Professionali but not before the wheels had been upgraded as well as the addition of a Gt2 rear deck lid, spoiler and aggressive bodykit (can be supplied if requested), with red accents this sets the rare Vesuvius Grey paintwork off just a treat. Some 120hrs of wet sanding and subsequent machine polishing have been carried out, using all our knowlegde of paint this was then left to “AIR” before further inspection and finishing prior to any coatings being applied, this transformation has also seen a paddle shift conversion for the tiptronic gearbox as well as H&R Monotube Coil Overs, GT3 split rim alloys finished with a difference, these have been powder coated whole in fire engine red, the exhaust is a hand made, hand rolled custom build pair of mufflers that consist of 2 straight through boxes either side and filled with a blend of steel and glassfibre wool (not pictured). This also has a K&N cold air induction kit fitted to increase roar at mid range revs.

This whole transformation is completed with a remap done via OBD which although many say the gains are worthless we feel that the remap has increased the following, driveability, increased pedal response, low down torque, smoother and quicker gear changes and kick down (Tiptronic D mode only) and increased MPG, overall a response map that is fitting for the 996 3.4.

Everything listed below can be supplied and or carried out as part of the Reflectology 996 Model Plan.

Paint Correction, Wet Sanding and Siramik Coatings POA

Street Kit supply, paint and fitting POA

Exhaust back boxes POA

Response Map POA

We will also consider the fitting of any body kits supplied by yourselves.

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