Porsche Detailing

As a former painter of Porsche and boasting many many years spent within the Porsche body repair and painting industry Reflectology are indeed one of the regions most prolific Porsche detailing centres if not one of the UK’s.
Our expertise in this marque goes beyond just what we know but its a love of the brand that separates Reflectology from many others, for years now Porsche have been a big part in our workload where 2016 saw around 75-80% of our output being the Porsche marque, with this in mind we see it only fitting to have a page solely for Porsche and all things Porsche.

We have in place facilities for the removal of centre lock alloys using a Norbar Torque Wrench, these are specialist equipment and not just torque convertor that attaches to a standard wrench, this is not only specialist equipment but also the knowledge of removal and refit, as well as correct torque procedures and not just a quick tighten of the nut, this is a brand we pride ourselves on and as such only the best equipment is used and no compromises taken, this is why we have invested in the Norbar 3/4 inch torque bar with a range of 300-1000nm, no torque convertors just the correct equipment for the job in hand.

Below are just a handful of images from some of the jobs carried out, as you can imagine our detailing and paint correction and protection is of the highest quality.


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