The word evolution (from the Latin evolutio, meaning “to unroll like a scroll”) appeared in English in the 17th century, referring to an orderly sequence of events, particularly one in which the outcome was somehow contained within it from the start, this detail refers to just that, we reveal the vehicles paintwork that has been there from the start but is somehow hidden beneath heavier swirling and other defects that have affected its overall appearance, now this is a step up from our Revolution Plus Detail and incorporates a further stage of machine polishing which creates even at this level real eye catching paintwork and a stunning visual display of reflections, although typically achieving around a 70% correction rate on lighter vehicles or less damage inflicted this could seem greater.
No timescale is set but please expect 2-3 days dependant on vehicle size and condition

Prices Start from £550

Would you like the same superior attention to detail on the inside as the outside?  Take a look at the Evolution Plus

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