Rolex Blue TVR Tuscan

This Tuscan had been done professionally around 2-3 months prior to when i got to take it on board, 5 days was the apparent coverage for this from the other detailer but i will let the pictures explain that something just doesnt sit right

Heres what its really like. First 3 from my Facebook uploads hence the size.

Customer looking on and witnessing these defects

As well as the avid daughter detailer

Lack of shine of any sort coming back from the roof, bonnet and bootlid, it had been painted extensively but going on the previous efforts it had also been hit heavily with disregard to any refining or attempts to drag the paint to a decent level.

As you can see from these pictures oxidisation has set in even after an Exo treatment has been applied, which had actually dissipated over the months it had been applied, not sure whether it was V1 or 2, even so this is truly disappointing.

Now considering budget and time allocated I could only do what i could but as always went over and above the call of duty to give the client a bit of a confidence booster, as such very few during pictures just seriously hard graft to give the client what he should have received previously.

Bonnet looking a little better.

These guys responsible for my actions Roberlo polishes and Festool Rap150, wipedown done by Upol System 20 Panel Wipe.

A few outdoor shots of which the sun was hiding away unfortunately

Then rolled back indoors for sun gun shots prior to LSP

Happy with the results so far so LSP time, this was in the form of Polish Angel Cosmic and Viking Shield respectively.

1 Coat of Cosmic, 2 coats of Viking Shield. Enjoy the final outcome.

Customer comments were that it had never ever looked like this, his faith now firmly back with detailers after his bad experience.

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