Range Rover Sport:Stone Washed Edition

Well weekends come and weekends go, it just so happens the past weekend had me make the relatively short journey into Derbyshire for this Range Rover Sport….the owner had recently purchased this and was slightly taken a back when he viewed it under lighting in the service bay….immediately he was recommended he was pointed in the direction of me by my good friend Bruno to which I am extremely grateful….After a quick meet and greet with the owner it was down to work….Here’s how it looked on arrival….

in the blustering weather the wheels were tackled with Scholl Concepts Rim 7 and various Vikan Brushes….the arches and all shuts were dealt a blow by the use of Scholl Concepts Spam….Body Wash was in the form of Permanon Hecta….rinsed and dried with Mr Mammoth Drying Towel then clayed with BH Clay and Hecta as a lube….
It was then squished into the awaiting garage where a few pics of the actual state of the paintwork were taken….

Yep….looks like it was washed old style….using stones….

At this point it was time to try the rotary and my favourite polishes but clumps of sticky little polish balls were there from the first few seconds of machining….so out came the DA but still with Scholl Polishes….S2 Orange on a Scholl Orange Pad followed by S20 Blue again on an Orange pad….Result….

As you can see some deeper scratches are still there….

Once this area had been sorted I moved up to the roof where although it looked in a terrible state and did give me a slight headache with limited access with the DA I had to persevere with the Festool as its slightly easier access wise….this though proved a tricky situation so out came Nanotech Super Gloss polish….which yielded the following result….

Right then onto the rest of the defects….

With both sides taken care of to a certain degree they looked like this….

Bonnet was nice….

Same combination as before using DA and Scholl brought a level of satisfaction like this….

It ended up like this….

Tailgate wasn’t the best….

This is evidence of previous machine work on the rear bumper….

As you can see the stonewash look had well and truly taken effect on here so a little cover up of the previous polishing disaster….

Then done….only thing is now the little fella looks all on his own….but still the same size….

As you can imagine with the evidence presented on the bumper I had to be wary so not completely defect free….

Anyway I was going to settle for Raceglaze 55 all round but opted to pop some Scholl Concepts Pre-Production Vintage wax on the bonnet and for ease of use Werkstat Acrylic Jett on the roof….the rest though was RG55….Wheels treated to Zaino ZCS….steps will be polished when anew are sourced….Heres the pics….

Thanks for looking at another Reflectology Detail and thanks to Shane and his better half for the Bacon Butty, Sandwiches and numerous cups of coffee….

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