Range Rover Evoke~Commercially Acceptable Repair

As the title states this is an apparently acceptable repair from a bodyshop. Now my client had owned this car for 4 days before it was side swiped in an accident, fortunately his wife, who was driving at the time was obviously shaken but not seriously injured.Now owning a very large company the client has a Manchester based bodyshop that does work for all their fleet from around the uk. when i got the call to view this I could immediately tell the customer was extremely unhappy with the repair.After I had quoted and sent over an email for clarification as to what work was required this was then forwarded on to the bodyshop.

Now here’s where it gets a little intriguing, I had a call from this bodyshop and was asked to explain what my processes were, what it had to do with them was none of their business frankly and thought it extremely unprofessional that they failed to introduce themselves correctly, upon confrontation they then called me a rip off merchant and said they could “Mop the car to death in 4 hrs”. 

My response was that this is exactly why we are at this point in the first place.

Anyway i will let the pictures do the talking.

On arrival at the unit

Having tested a couple of fallout removers to provide as my own brand i plumped for the strongest non toxic available.

Having spent a few hrs cleaning degreasing and claying it was defect spotting time, not that it would be difficult.

These are under halide light.

These are LED

Primarily it was down the passenger side but the bumpers had been affected and a scratch was noticed by the client on the os wing that wasn’t there when it went to the bodyshop

Here’s how it looked after a spot of cutting back.

Obviously still some work to be done but getting there.

With the cutting completed after many hrs, a few moons later all refinement was complete.

It looked a little like this. Outside in the sun, this is after a wipe down with Panel wipe.

This though wasn’t quite good enough, i just wasn’t feeling it, so back to the grind and plod on.

It was time to hit it with this little fella. Polish Angel Invincible.

That completed it was treated to Polish Angel cosmic Glasscoat and came up like so. This set of pictures aren’t the best unfortunately due to me messing with the camera settings.

Now although this was adequately protected I still wasn’t happy so I drafted in my favourite product of the year so far and that is Polish Angel Viking Shield.

After 5 long days completion loomed and it was time for those final shots outside in the current bun.

A few more indoors before handover.

The damaged wheel was treated to a smart repair where the face was painted, engine bay treated to ACF-50 and interior treated with both Carpro Perl and Zaino Leather Care.

Hope you enjoyed the write up and thanks for checking in on another Reflectology Paint Recondition. More info on these services can be found

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