New Car Correction Audi Q5

So i get myself a call regarding a brand spanking new Audi Q5….the client knows what he wants and what he didnt want the dealership to do….which was touch it, at all….OK they say….Having fought for a few hrs and persuading the dealership to have the car delivered a day early 29th Feb to his home for me to start a new car detail it turned up….all be it an hr late with something missing….the factory film….now this was a request that this was to remain on….in fact they did leave some on…on the door pillars….I think at this point I had smelt a rat and out came the lights….….for something that had only travelled across 16 miles (at least 5 of them with the trade plates banging around the front grill and tailgate) it was pretty dire….it looked like they had whipped the film off….wiped it with a cloth and drove through a few puddles to make it look as though it hadnt been touched….i will let you make your own mind up….

These first few were as soon as the car had arrived…..

It even came with one of these….

Anywhoo wheels were up first and as always Scholl Concepts Rim 7 was called upon but only at half strength….it wasnt found wanting….

These were given a lttle bit of a brush and clean and it was on to the bodywork….once it was all washed off it was time to strip whatever was hiding what was underneath which to say it was only “readied” 2 weeks ago it fely pretty rough so a fine clay was used just to help things along….and this lot came out to play….

These were dealt with as i went along with Nanotech SST Nano Super Gloss on a black Farecla Foam pad and came up like so….

A few extra hrs were needed as this wasnt planned for so i returned the day after when the sun was out and got a few of these….

Thought i would try and replicate those….

Once all the machine work was done it was treated to a generous helping of IPA and some of what can be described as a relative new comer to the protection game….Ceramishield….it ended up looking like this….please excuse some of the pictures as i had forgotten my camera on day 2 and had to adjust the settings with backlight on as it went a bit dull and unfortunately some look photo shopped when the sun broke the clouds but trust me they are not….anyway enjoy….

This is the point when i decided to flick backlight on….

And a few reflections….

Sorry for the lack of quality pictures…i must remember the camera for the clients 996 next week….

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