Land Rover Age Defying Turnaround

So I get a call off a commercial letting agent who has a Range Rover that needs a little bit of TLC….with the use of a vacant unit and working around my other clients this was done over a period of around 10 days but in total 45hrs….the paint had seen better days but was all original with the exception of the lower of a couple of doors…boot and quarter panels so as the afore mentioned had recently been sprayed by the time I was ready to apply sealant it would be fully cured and all solvents out….so on with the mess….

it started out as this….

Interior was a slightly soiled shade of grey….

more on the interior later….this day though was to get the engine bay looking something like and I can tell you it took a while….

Many hrs of cleaning and a sharp dressing down with Carpro Perl left this….

It was then moved back indoors to resolve the slight issue with the interior….this was steamed and then cleaned with Gliptone cleaner….all controls though were treated to bacteriacidal cleaner which is the order of the day on all my interiors….

This was after a good steaming….yet to have a cleanse with Gliptone….

And it came up like this….

That was the end of day one and a few days break from it to deal with other clients and a return later that week….unfortunately snow and ice was the key to a no wet wash and this was carried out with steam, which in fairness wasnt too bad….whilst steam was no where near enough it did get a wipe over afterwards with Permanon Hecta….sorry only got a couple of pics steaming the grill….

You can quite clearly see the Rangey holding a low self esteem….

All clayed with Bilt Hamber and Hecta as a lube I broke out the machine with Scholl S2 Orange and a few different pads….the roof as seen in the next few pics were done with an orange pad….

As you can see not perfect but still more to go so I hit it again and then finished it down with S20Blue….Much better….

Bonnet was up next….Spider Sandwich Pad on S2 Orange this time….

Moving around the beast saw some of these….

And just needing a little more….

This had been painted….wet flatted and “mopped” and a good few weeks later looked like this….

As you can see….not everything as it appears when leaving the bodyshop….on my question to them “what hardener was used” “FAST” was the answer….and it was like polishing a breeze block it was that hard….

Anywhoo after a long session it was time to grab a few pics of how she was coming along….

And this little lot were the culprits for such a job….not very often i use wool but had to on some areas of this one….

So after many hrs and many days here is the finished article….by the time it was done all the bad weather had passed….

Phew….If you made it this far thanks and give yourself a pat on the back….ignore the condition of the rear bumper and mud flaps as these were due to be replaced…..

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