Jaguar XK8 Show Winner

Here we have a Jaguar XK8 in what i would describe as a kitten compared to a roaring puddy tat

The owner just said “do what you can with it, i know its a bit of a mess”

I think you will feel his pain when you see the pictures

So here we go and after its relatively short journey from Dewsbury to the unit which is situated at Junction 30 of the M1 it arrived looking in a rather sorry state

Laquer Peel around the wing mouldings

Roof had seen better days

Engine bay was looking a tad worn

Wheels up first and treated to R-6IX Decon Cleanse, which is a Non Toxic fallout remover but also has some serious skills in the cleaning department. These had been cleaned prior to this step with the old non fallout removing R-6IX which did an excellent job in shifting the grime.

This can also be used as a pre wash which aids in the removal of the not so embedded surface contamination, just an inch in the foam bottle topped with water

After plenty of hrs washing, cleansing and decontaminating it was moved into the unit for claying and after a wipe over with IPA to remove any residue the fun began.

After one hit and requiring further refining stages(stages)

After a goof few hrs getting the bonnet cut and to a level that I was happy with prior to refining it was boot lid time.

Same treatment around the whole of the car removing pretty much everything there was.

And in no particular order

The wing moulding I took back to the grip point of the clearcoat and then applied a thin edge of clear to the effected point. Now while this looks messy it was reduced further with a Scholl Concepts spider sandwich pad just to take the edge off it, unfortunately didnt get a pic after completion.

The badges were pretty much shot so a quick fizzle over and wella.



This was with me for a whole week and after many stages of machine work and refining I rolled it outside for some fun in the sun prior to application of the protection. All my wipedowns are done with Upol System 20 panel wipe and not done with the ever ageing IPA as this simply is not sufficient enough to remove 100% of polishing oils.

Moved back inside and treated to everything R-Series of which is my own brand and range, 2 coats of R-5VE were applied with R-2WO sandwiched between. After a couple of hrs Defiance was applied and left this finish. Roof was treated to Fabsil, tyres dressed with R-7VEN and chrome work polished with R-4UR.

Engine bay treated to ACF-50 after a thorough clean

Interior was steam cleaned and treated to Zaino Leather care and rolled outside for some final shots before client pick up. except he turned up whilst doing this.

The client then told me he was taking it to the Regional XK car show, of which i do not for various reasons entertain but he then provided me with this upon his return when he dropped of his XKR for the same treatment.

Wasn’t aimed for but still a nice addition.

SO thanks for looking and dont forget to follow us on Facebook

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