Frozen Grey M3-Permanon Super Matt

This Frozen Grey M3 from a while ago was to have a thorough cleanse, protect and still remain Frozen Grey instead of a not so frozen grey….Permanon Supermatt was the order of the day as was the rest of the Permanon range…Yacht Cleanser, Hecta and Omega….just genius….

On Arrival….the car looked matt….on departure the car looked, well, matt as it should….with the exception of the roof….

After a snow foam of Hecta and a quick rinse it was then washed with Permanon Yacht Cleanser and dried accordingly, Permanon Omega was used to carry on the cleaning from the organic regime created by Hecta to a level where it was not only cleaning but neutralising the surfaces ready for Supermatt application….tar spots were removed with Hecta and the odd orange speckle of fallout removed with Omega….



And the proof is in the pudding pictures….


And just a few more….

And all you should see on a matt car…Shadows….

Engine bay got a quick tickle over with Carpro Perl and the roof was clayed with BH Clay and then treated to Chem Guys Wet Mirror Finish and Colly 845….

Thanks for looking….

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