Ferrari F430 Spider

Well its been a while but really havent had time to do much by way of write ups or frequent forums due to the immense way both the business and products have taken off. Business wise the length and breadth of Blighty could well have seen the Reflectology van at some point. However this was a bit closer to home, a meagre 3 miles from home, booked on the back of a previous job the owner was in no doubt he wanted on his F430 what he had seen on his friends 335d.

So lets crack on with a brief intro to the car itself, F430, bought from a local prestige dealership (of which i have worked for clients), paintwork wrecked by their deluge of destructive wash nature let alone the horrendous attitude to machine polishing, the car had been repaired, seen a lot of paint of which this was very poor, the car was then used at a wedding and as such was crawled upon by idiots in Storm Trooper and Darth Vadar fancy dress, needless to say this is going to be a mess.

There were some long days, late nights and around 48 hrs, which isnt a lot in comparison to some i have done but never the less it was hard graft, and as you may know, hard graft reaps rewards. Work Hard Play Hard not Play Easy Work Easy

There were a couple of areas of broken clearcoat on this that required a very delicate approach.


The majority of this though was very heavy defects and took some very determined work.

With the following images you can see the level of correction achieved with the first set of machine work.

With numerous machine work stages completed, including the glass engine cover and all coatings applied the finished article looks like this.






Hope this was to your liking and thanks for taking the time to read the 2 part write up.

Heres a quick video.Dont forget to hit the High Def button.

Again thanks for looking.

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