Ferrari 599gtb

Here we have a simply stunning Ferrari 599gtb that was initially just in for a couple of days for a swift spruce up and removal of surface marring, however once work commenced it was clear this was not going to be the case as the images will show.

Usual routines wash wise were adopted. I tried to get some defects in sunlight and as it was a tad hot the filter came out for the first time this year.


Once the cleansing process was done it was inside for claying and further cleansing with our very own residue eliminator for certain areas including the door mirror trims.


Once the final areas were completed it was time to further assess the paintwork.

Here’s what i found i was up against.

20150406_140618 20150406_140631 20150406_145157 20150406_145207 20150406_145239 20150406_145243 20150406_163344 20150406_175040 20150407_094447 20150407_123235 20150407_123445 20150407_125404 20150407_125429 20150407_125434 20150407_125440 20150407_143503 20150408_105545 20150408_112934

They are about the normal I would see for intensive corrective procedures but this was only a light enhancement on first assessment, however this alone wouldn’t have seen many problems arise but the paint itself did indeed cause some stress, it was HS Solid paint which i haven’t come across since the mid 90s and once its cured, its cured, this was like granite and work had to be extended on this by a further couple of days to compensate for this, and although a few soldiers are still left in the battlefield it is now a far cry from the 599 that came in a week earlier, however perfection could be achieved with a full wet sand of the paintwork should this be needed.

The paint was polished using varied pads, polishes and machines and results speak for themselves.

The finish was then further emphasised with the excellent SiRamik SC15 and SC Mist used as protection for the foreseeable future.

all in all i did enjoy this although it was a painful exercise some days, he are the final pics.

20150406_160242 20150406_160631 20150406_162335 20150406_162441 20150406_162435 20150406_171144 20150406_180738 20150406_180748 20150406_180913 20150407_122951 20150410_150515 20150408_193501 20150410_144919 20150410_144934 20150410_145035 20150410_145043 20150410_145057 20150410_145112 20150410_145126 20150410_145140 20150410_145149 20150410_145245 20150410_145316 20150410_145337 20150410_145419 20150410_145438 20150410_145559 20150410_145641 20150410_154329 20150410_154334

All rubber, engine bay and tyres dressed with SiRamik Tyre Dress, glass and wheels also protected with SC15

Thanks for stopping by and checking in on yet another reflectology paintwork correction.

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