BMW M6 – Gloucester

Well this detail saw me take to the roads down to Gloucester….Cirencester to be exact….up at 3.30am on Friday morning for a 3hr drive…..waiting for me was a bit of a rare beast in the form of this M6….with the distance being as it was I had no way of knowing what I was letting myself in for…..erratic paint readings from 154 – 84 microns which made it all a bit frustrating as I wanted to give this a proper seeing to….one point of the bonnet read high and so did a few others points but there were the odd area of 84-88 which made me air on the side of caution….however this was on almost every panel with only the NS Rear quarter being steady and all in tune….after a recalibration to factory and then an hrs shim test on the evening of the first day saw the readings exactly as they were before….erratic on all but one panel….so it was a steady approach as my thoughts were with the low areas and not the high points….
So on arrival then the M6 looked like this….

As it was a cold frosty morning the interior was the first up with a swift vac with the seats being steamed….cleaned with Gliptone Cleanser and protected with Carpro Perl….


It was also an appropriate time to do the engine bay….


With those 2 jobs out of the way it was time to crack on….wheels up first and they were tackled with Scholl Concepts Rim 7….
After application….

After 5 minutes….and some gentle agitation….

they were then rinsed and it was onto the main wash….snow foam of Permanon Omega and a tickle round all the intricate areas with G101 and brush….washed with Permanon Yacht Cleanser, dried and then clayed with Bilt Hamber Clay and Permanon Hecta as a lube….another quick rinse and dry then it was time to go a hunting, swirl hunting….

This was on the rear bumper….

The bonnet read this….

And this respectively….

There were some higher ones in there as well but these were my concern….
Towards the end of day 1 I really needed to try and get some machine work in so gave these 2 a go on the bootlid….

New Scholl Concepts Orange Waffle Pad and S17+….I also broke out New S20 Blue….and I must say what a combo….absolute genius on the part of Scholl for S20 Blue….Broke out the Halide and got these….


And as the sun was going down….about 4.30 and whilst packing away, it had been a long day….Paul, the owner caught an amazing picture on his camera and I thought I needed some of those….

Day 2 saw me crack on with the NS Rear quarter… this caused proper issues and for what reason I couldn’t fathom, every time I wiped away any residue it would mar but eventually got this….

Top of the quarter looked like this….

And ended up like this….

By now the batteries (mine)were on trickle charge due to the lack of sleep through body clock mayhem and thought I would give Scholl Concepts S2 Orange a go on the orange pad….yes this is a coarse polish but the pad made it react in a way that can only be described as “yet another Scholl polish to add to my collection” type of product….

So I carried on with this combo and the NS ended up like this….

Don’t ask why the lights weren’t on when I took these I must have been getting a little hot but please be assured there are light shots so don’t panic….

Bonnet was next….S17+ and S20 Blue….

And I am not trying to hide anything as you can see with this next picture….as some have suggested….

The rest though I am pretty pleased with….

Some more of the boot….

While the car was being turned round I took a few shots whilst out in the daylight….

A few more shiny shots before I carry on….

Anyway carrying on….

Mr Tickle came out for a little play and a few shots before IPA’d and LSP applied….

Again not hiding anything….

It was now time to apply this….

I have my own thoughts on this and as such have relayed these back to Lee, not because I don’t think its any good, far from it as you will see from the final pictures but I am a big believer of relaying info to the direct parties and getting things ironed out before judging a product either bias or non bias….other than one slight hiccup the results only speak for themselves….

Thanks for taking the time to check in on another Reflectology Detail….I would like to thank Paul and his family for making my journey to Gloucester very hospitable…..and for looking after me in warm soup on cold cold days….a few of my favourite images from the detail….

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