BMW M3 Show Car

Just to say I have had a torrid time with this one thanks to some impotent nuts where my client has had the teeniest amount of work done(small chip just above front splitter) covered the whole motor in overspray, of which cannot be removed completely without sanding…tried all sorts…clay, aggressive clay, thinners AS Fallout Remover(neat) and nothing except the following worked…..AS Fallout and Clay, but guess what happened to the clay, yep, disintegrated so no go then…. so out with wool, yes wool, not something i tend to use very often but that didnt even cut it, pardon the pun, and with heavy cut compound….so after 5 and half hrs wasted it was a quick explanation to the client that this is going to have to be a job that is to be of an acceptable nature rather than the one originally sought….it does look sweet but in certain light a slight haze can be seen….am i happy, in a civilised manner, no….so there you have my weekend, if I had have had more time I would have hit it with some dry sanding but sometimes you have to accept it and move on….a little disappointed though as this is going to Gaydon….

Anyway the motor in question is probably one of the nicest M3’s I have seen, and I mean that as no disrespect to any other M3 owner out there…the car has had various things done to it and as such various parts of the detail have been, slid in between the work being done ie: interior and arches….now the client has been following my progression for almost a year as he was disappointed with its last detail, anyway over the last few weeks I have been quietly going about my business with this beast….up until a few months ago, this is what it looked like….

It has recently had suspension and alloys changed to the tune of plus 7k, as well as all the other intricates such as rear diffuser, front splitter, and rear carbon bot lip, along with the simple stealth matt badges it makes for one heck of a transformation….

Will get the interior etc out of the way first….

White Chocolate….

Overall not in bad nick, just general file under B1N rule has been adopted….Anywhoo after a quick spruce up and Zaino Leather care it came out like this….

Next up was a quick trip beneath the arches as the wheels were off and new being fitted….the new suspension was fitted a few days later….which drops it just nicely….may i add that these wheels were well and truly welded in place to the hub….

The wheels were then fitted to reveal a distinct look….ready for its short journey for lowering….

But first came some road rash repair to the front bumper….although the pics dont show it to be that bad, (the one pic i did have wont load)it really was letting the front end down….

Larger chips were touched in and cut before this….Cellulose Paint and Clear mixed and wiped over, left to dry for around 20 minutes before machining to a splendid result if I do say so myself….

Leaving this….

Engine bay wasnt too bad….

But still gave it a quick swizzle….

Now then all planned out for the weekend and this is what I found on arrival, all the little goodies like splitters etc had been fitted but wasnt expecting what I found….

I did find at that point a weeks worth of overspray of which i think my pictures did pick out….as it was quite dusty it was a wash and assess the damage that had been done….this is how they left the front bumper after its chip repair…..

Onto the wash then, snow foam, usual method, and then moved indoors to reveal the defects….¬†

This is how they left the repair….

And this is the overspray….the boot had been clayed to some extent to show up the amount that was on it….

Bare in mind this was over the whole vehicle and the same amount….

Evidence here of the previous detail not being upto scratch, apparently the chap had it for 4 days but it looked like 3 and a half of those were supping tea…..

And the rest of which were not too bad….

All masked up and ready to go….

Many hours with wool and S3 Gold edition came and went, followed by a few more hits with S17+ on varying pads to alter the way it works….and it all ended up like this….

Now on to some real shots….in the sunshine….all be it late evening sun….

Complete with racing stripe….

So from this….

To this….with added sparkle….

Thanks for looking….

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