BMW M3 Le500~new car detail

This particular Limited Edition 500 made its way to Sheffield after its brief visit to a dealership in Scotland, its journey then continued onto London where it resides.

Being a Limited Edition this colour was chosen by the owner because he wanted it to be exactly that, limited, whilst the majority were Santorini Blue, Mineral white and Imola Red Le500s the owner plumped for Stratus Grey, normally sought on the BMW 6 series and Z4.

Anyway a new car being what it is, new, we all know that these need protecting and the owner wanted something that would be a tough nut to crack.

The car when it arrived. This was the very first job to be undertaken at my new premises just off junction 30 of the M1.

A good few hrs in and the car was moved indoors after it had seen a thorough cleansing process.

Set to work on the roof first and foremost and drew the paint to how it should be from new.

The carbon lid looking, well, carbon.

Boot lid was treated to the exact same as the roof.

Same for the bonnet and the remainder of the car.

Now apologies for the lack of during shots but I think this coating deserves its moment of glory alongside the ever changing colour of Stratus Grey.

Max Protect UNC v1 was first applied as a base layer for the uber tricky in application UNC-R, Janis called me a Jedi Master when he found out that i applied this coating at a massive 22c, ideal temperatures are between 10-15c.

Get this coating wrong though and consider your derrière merrily chewed, it aint coming off anytime soon, the coating itself is a rubberised one and just on that basis you would expect it to be grippy after application, far from it, its super slick and glassy and one that i have come to grow fond of, along with the Polish Angel coatings and sealants Max Protect are my go to, full on protection systems.

Anyway, the pictures. Hope you enjoy.

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