BMW M3 Carbon Black

Taken some time to get round to this write up due to being a tad busy and have a couple of hrs so I will start by saying this wasnt the best Carbon Black M3 I had come across….even the roof wouldnt come off….seems like it was proper stuck from lack of removal TBH….on initial inspection I knew this was going to be a tricky one due to old scrub a dub dub marks from the previous owner where bird excrement was concerned let alone the obvious….

As you can see from a distance it doesnt look too bad….small areas of neglect around exterior plastics etc but nothing really to write home about….YA THINK….these were just the roof….

The rest looked like this….

and a bit closer….

and a bit further away….

Not real easy to pick out but the whole roof was covered in something but couldnt quite put my finger on it….looked like chemical staining of some sort….

As always wheels and arches were out of the way first with Rim 7 being the choice for the wheels and Zorst tips….

and Starngloss Hjul was used as the arch cleaner and must say its seriously good for this….even though its a pH Neutral Wheel Cleaner I generally use it for arches as well….anyway back to it….i did the wheels but they were to be replaced by some freshly polished ones upon completion….

Having washed with Permanon Yacht Cleanser it was on to the clay….not a happy bunny….Bilt Hamber….now although once you have it ready to do its stuff it is very good….but these are the extents I had to go to just to get it pliable….small heater to warm it up….

so after a lengthy spell claying….kneading….heating…claying….kneadi ng….heating….you know how it goes it was onto a spot of correction….as always paintwork well checked with many paint readings with plenty of paint to play with I tried Scholl S2 Orange on an Orange pad and whilst it gave good results it just wasnt right for the task in hand…having worked up with pads to the Spider Sandwich the task was getting easier….a lot easier….

The deep scratch in this had to stay….

Now focusing on the other side of the roof….

Roof looking like this after S2 Orange and Spider Sandwich Pad….

Onto the bonnet….

Again similar staining as the roof….

with half the bonnet done the difference was rather noticeable….

Bonnet done again with the same combo as the roof and then wiped down with this fella….3x

Giving these….

This had to stay….

The rest coming along nicely enough as well….

The SSP was switched to a Scholl Purple for the arches and more rounded areas….

Anywhoo after 11 and a half hrs on day 1 it was time to head home and wait for day 2 to come round….which it did…with a slight breeze and a few sprinkles of rain so up went the Gazebo and on I soldiered….but these were happily hitching a ride from the nights rainfall….

The whole car was hit on day 2 with Scholl Concepts S17+ on a Black Farecla Finishing Pad and then Raceglaze Cut and Cleanse leaving these….

As I say not perfect….and not hiding anything….


After a fruitful 22 hrs and a finishing top coat of Raceglaze 55 the ugly duckling of an M3 turned into a rather special looking German piece of beauty….

Hope you enjoy these….

Pretty sure had the sun been out the pictures would have looked a heck of a lot better but I dont control the current bun unfortunately….

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks again for checking in on yet another M3 Detail by Reflectology….

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