BMW Frozen Silver Edition 1 of 100

Whilst you may own a matt or satin vehicle you may well have been given strict instructions by your dealership to “not do this, dont use that, only use what WE supply here” now whilst some of this is true to a certain extent regarding shampoo etc as your general off the shelf products are predominantly targeting the Gloss market and as such contain enhancers which is not the way you need to look after matt or satin paint. However the “only use what WE supply” is marketing and an upsell of product for the coffers of the dealerships.

So onto how to prepare and protect matt or satin finishes. Using products that are conventional for everyday car cleaning can damage and spoil matt and satin paint finishes. Here at Reflectology we use only products that are tested and have been proven to work, from pH Neutral Shampoos and various paint cleaners for the safe removal of staining from fingerprints to bugs right through to the Protective layers that is Permanon Super Matt. This is our chosen product and is used as standard on all our matt and satin finish vehicles.

Permanon Super Matt has been tested and results show on test to show only a .1% increase in the actual look of the paint, now whilst there are other products on the market that boast to be perfect for the job the challenge is not to increase gloss by an amount that is immediately noticeable, which is why we choose Permanon.

Now onto our latest M3. Here you will see pictures of before the preparation and protection.

P1170983 P1170920 P1170921 P1170922 P1170924 P1170925 P1170926 P1170931

Although New the fallout was still present and with our tried and tested product for removal you can see the breakdown easily. This is an important step purely because the claying of these finishes is not recommended.


However the roof on this M3 is Gloss and therefore can be treated in a similar manner as a normal gloss car, here is the result of just half a roof. And with only a 100 miles on the car.



Now after some serious cleaning with safe shampoo and dedicated cleaners it was time to protect with Permanon super Matt.

P1170939 P1170940 P1170941 P1170942 P1170944 P1170945 P1170947 P1170948 P1170949 P1170954 P1170950 P1170957 P1170960 P1170962 P1170963 P1170965 P1170968 P1170974 P1170980 P1170979

Thanks for reading up on how Reflectology can look after your matt or satin paintwork.

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