Bentley Gt’s Vintage appearance

Havent really had much time to post of late and do have many more in line but a sample of Zymol Vintage found its way into my fridge and upon a brief chat with the client it was understandably a wise choice to have a layer of this added to his recent purchase….

He had owned this Bentley for around 6 weeks but had only seen the client run up 100 or so miles and according to the dealership had received a full detail prior to collection….the extent of who knows….moving forward to a few pictures it was apparent that this had seen little use since purchase due to the clients recent holiday and the quite obvious dust build up….

Wheels were as always up first and Rim 7 and Vikan being the tools as usual….

After a good agitate and thorough rinse the doors shuts etc were tended to using my own degreaser as was the grill with a small wooly for the grill intricates….which we all know is a nightmare on these…

Now i have a new product out which is an all in one cleaner…foam….degreaser….shampoo and even clay lube depending on dilution and here it has been used in every sense of the word….

As a foam….

Not quite sure what this was on the surface but the active way this product works seemed to have an effect….actually lifting and removing….

After a good rinse it was wash time….you will note that the bottle says maintenance shampoo….now although it cleans, and i means cleans….its¬†pHNeutral….

About 60-80ml was placed in around 15ltrs of hot water….

Pressure washer switched off and the remainder of the bucket was topped up creating these super suds….so looking at around 19-20 ltrs of water to a small amount of shampoo….

Onto clay time and my favourite clay was broken out with my product being diluted around 1-150 as a lube….and the clay is….

Now i will be honest the removal of contaminates was not serious but i did have some overspray of the DIY type to deal with….

After another foam and rinse it was then dried with the drier….

It was then onto a spot of find the defects…..

And this is what baffles me…if a dealership has a vehicle prepped to a high standard as was advised then why leave this….

It was then moved under cover and all masked up ready for some action….

Paint readings were taken and this was on the roof….quite good….Read no ….

And read no 50 leaving an average of the total….

The same was done on every panel with nothing scary popping up….

The first combo up against the Bentley was Scholl Concepts S17+ and their Orange Pad….leaving this…

Carried on over the roof and had a few close encounters of the 3rd kind….

Think Spielberg would have been proud of this shot….

Anyway moving on….

The roof ending up like this….

The bonnet though was a little more depleted….as you will see but I will let the pics talk….

And the scratches….

Not perfect but greatly reduced….

Moving onto the front wing….

Front Door….

Rear Quarter….

And again….

At this point I thought i saw a spot of sun creep underneath the covered area so i got these snaps of the bonnet…..

At the end of day 1 i took a few progress snaps….

Day 2 brought around the NS starting with the rear quarter….

Front Door….

Front Wing….

A few shots under a different light source….

But none of this really matters unless its the real deal….

With Nanotech Super Gloss adding that little extra it was time to add something a little special….

I had been warned of secondary hazing so initial buff and then left for around 3 hrs before a final buff in between all other nicky knacky noos were addressed like alloys sealed with Zaino ZCS and Z16 on tyres….Zorsts with the Britemax and glass treated to ZCS as well….when the time came it was inspected at close quarters for hazing and i did spot a small amount but nothing major….anyway on with the final outcome….

And some more in the sun ….

I will leave you with these small Reflectographs….

If you made it this far much appreciated and as always thankyou for checking in on another Reflectology Appearance Overhaul….

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