Bentley Arnage 50+ Hours

The time spent on this is no where near what could have been spent but never the less it was an epic week in the midst of Yorkshire….early morning starts and late night finishes over 4 and a half days with some horror discoveries being found from day 1 this proved to be a worthy adversary….On arrival the Arnage looked like this….

After a quick wash of the wheels which in truth werent in too bad condition…with the exception of a poor refurb on one….

It was onto all shuts etc and while this was being done the engine bay got a quick make over….

with the aid of Stjarngloss and Einzett respectively the engine bay came up like so….

not perfick but far better…

Now onto the paintwork….

once washed, clayed, rinsed and dried it revealed these….

Moved swiftly inside….

S2 Orange on an Orange Scholl Pad….1st attempt

Not bad looking at that but this next one shows why it was nowhere near good enough….

This was then taken from wool through to black to get these results….

Now as i mentioned a few horror finds earlier on i will now explain…this car had been extensively repaired….and badly….almost every panel especially the flats had seen heavy filler and poor prep and paint….the roof was in particular bad shape….as with jobs that have seen paintwork caution has to sway towards preservation of the upper most layer of clear….which is always the main concern….

Cracking on with the bonnet then….multiple stages of machine correction to the tune of 6hrs to completion….

And after the time spent the bonnet came up like this prior to a final paint cleanse….complete with lens flare….

The roof though was a different story though as this was by far the worst panel on the car….to the tune of a slight wet sand….

The readings on the roof were reading high….into 500-600microns until I reached a certain point….note the number of read that shows on this….

A quick look at what was on offer….

Not sure what we are looking at…lets take a closer look…

And just as a guide for the pics….

The roof was then wet sanded but not to a degree where clearcoat compromise may have occured…only the areas where the poor repairs were had some 1500 work the rest was feathered in with 2000 and 3000….didnt really see any reason to go any higher than this TBH….

After an initial hit with S2 and Orange Scholl Pad we ended up with these….

Through many stages and many hrs….the roof came to look like this….again prior to further paint cleansing….

The boot lid was again in a bad way and was hit with Spider Sandwich Pad to start with and S2 Orange….

Again plenty of hrs machine polishing brought about these….

The side panels weren’t in much better condition….

This was on the lower of the door….

And afterwards….

Any whoo carrying on….

With the near side having a first hit and looking like so….

It was time for the off side to receive a little TLC….

Now spending this amount of time on machine polishing on the same car and to such a level complacency can set in….so i had a little game of chequers to break up time spent….yeah right….no seriously i did take a few minutes to get my bearings back….

the off side was pretty much the same as the nearside and at this point the before and during shots were becoming a little tedius so I skipped them on this side….

With the weather starting the week well it got a little drab over the days that passed and whilst a break was had in the rain it was out to rinse off the dust from all that polishing….i also got a few pics with the sun, although not much of was trying to break through….

After its rinse down it was back in the garage to be dried with the Beluga….

It was then left at that until the next day session where further refining was done….leaving these….

Chrome trim and grill cleaned with Einzett Chrome and Metal polish and this….

After 50+ hrs spent on the exterior alone which is nothing on one of these TBH and so much more time could be spent on perfection it ended up looking like something totally different….now recognisable as a Bentley Arnage R and wearing Concours Liquid Shield for protection from all that tree sap….

it was then tucked away for the night prior to its journey to the lakes later on Friday….

A quick chrome trim….I say quick chrome trim….it took just about 2 hrs for the grill alone not to mention all the other…..and final dress was in order and got these few just before it left on its journey….

Glad to see the back of it….NO….was worth every bit of it….if you made it to the end of this then thanks for taking the time to check in on¬†Reflectology

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