Audi A5 – Nottingham

Had a call around a month ago and booked this in for the weekend just passed….was a LONG 2 day stint over in Nottingham where the ducks were rowdy and the Robins were friendly….a lovely location with stunning dropback for photos to be taken….Scratch that it was dark when it was done….anywhoo on with the show….on arrival I was greeted to what looked a well presented and looked after car but the owner was less than pleased with its recent visits to the dealership….as you will see….

At this point i was to post a few pictures up of Rim 7 doing its stuff but I appear to have lost the pictures….so I will carry on regardless….obligatory snow foam shots (for the client)….

Washed with Permanon Hecta with the roof being brushed with the same and gently wahsed off….excess water removed like so….

Once all the cleaning and claying etc was completed it was time to get some masking done and make sure the roof was completely covered to avoid any polish residue….lights on and a few defects later….

It was now time to see exactly what I would get with a quick tickle of S17+ on Spider Sandwich Pad….

Whilst it looked acceptable there was much room for improvement so out came S2 Orange on the SSP….S20 Blue on Farecla Black foam to finish….with somewhat staggering results….a few 50/50s after S2 Orange to be going on with….

After a full travel round the car with s2 orange and S20B it looked like this….

A few close light shots….

And the friendly Robin….

Now it was late on completion at the end of day 2 so out door shots are limited I am afraid but hope you enjoy these….

Thanks for looking….it was all topped off with Raceglaze 55….

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