Micron Removal

With paint correction becoming ever more popular here we try to highlight the dangers of heavy removal rates and try to put into context the actual size of a micron and exactly how little there is for movement within any corrective procedure.

So how big or small is a micron, below is a diagram highlighting different examples of micron size and their comparison to many other different objects, as you will see, very little to play with when correcting paint.


Certain procedures can be extremely destructive in the rate they remove microns and as you can see by comparison, microns are not something that need to be removed in large amounts.

Removal rate is determined by products of choice by your chosen professional, some will if you pardon the expression ” hack away” at the paint for intense removal rate to gain a far quicker finish than we would, this would be in the form of harsh compounds, pads and many other quick fix routes, as i have pointed out here it is paramount to remove as little as possible yet still achieve the results desired.

Our methods are slow, safe and effective, harsh polishes or pads are kept firmly away unless they are needed, a medium cut polish and pad combination may not seem like a very cost effective way but its more cost effective than having to repaint panels due to over zealous use of heavier treatments.

Yes you may need your car in a hurry and someone may offer a cheaper quicker alternative, all we would say is whilst no one is obliged to have work carried out by us after quotation but please think hard about why this alternative is cheaper.



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