Looking after Glasscoats

The term “Glasscoat” means exactly that, it doesn’t mean it will stay free of deposits or road traffic film, given time these will build up, especially through winter months.

If you are told by your chosen detailer that your “Glasscoat” will last 18-24 months with minimal or no maintenance then walk away, these are delicate coatings and need to be maintained, this could be in the form of a 3 or 6 month plan that should be arranged upon completion or a plan that can be put into action by yourself, all this as stated should be discussed.

Most coatings have a high content of silicon resin, which one, who knows,  SC15 has 70% and soon to be increased, imagine your windscreen, dirt sticks, contamination sticks, it needs looking after, to do this a shampoo that contains NO enhancers or additives should be used, pH neutral products also wouldn’t have the power to bring back the self cleaning abilities of the coating, you need a slightly alkali solution, around 10.5 pH is a perfect blend.

We recommend our SC Wash for this but any solution with these pH values can be used as long as they contain nothing that will “clog the arteries” of the coating.

The reason we recommend SC Wash is because it isn’t just an ordinary alkali APC, it has a special ingredient that when mixed will allow smoother gliding of the mitt with no residue left behind, reactivating the self cleaning abilities right before your very eyes leaving a fresh, clean looking and acting Glasscoat.


SC Wash can be found here

Correctly maintained your Glasscoat can last a very very long time.

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