Diamas Professionali

The Future of paintwork protection, a worlds first and brought to you by Siramik Glasscoat®

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Diamas Professionali

Siramik Glasscoat® would like to introduce our new liquid protection technology for vehicle paintwork, glass, wheels and plastic. Diamas Professionali, never has this been done before and Siramik Glasscoat® are proud to be the first paintwork protection brand in the world to introduce a true diamond coating for vehicle paintwork. Over 12 months of research, testing and development have now come to fruition and we can now unleash the ground breaking technology of Diamas Professionali.

Diamas Professionali contains Aggregated Diamond Nanorod’s sometimes referred to as ADNR’s, with this we have taken liquid protection to the highest possible place where crystal clear paintwork is the result of an optically clear coating that will not mute any candy’s, flips, flake or pearls meaning the paint you choose is the paint you see.

With diamond well known as the hardest material known to man and the most precious Diamas Professionali utilizes ADNR’s in sizes no greater that 3-4n meaning on a nano scale these are used as an anchor for the coating which in turn strengthens the layer applied giving a more stable protective barrier, as a whole ADNR’s have a combined strength of which has been measured at stronger than diamond itself.

Why is Diamas Professionali different to other coatings?

Diamas Professionali differs to other coatings because of not only the chemical make up and blend, but its “Water Contact Angle” and “Receding Contact Angle”, with a water contact angle of upto 112° water moves rapidly over the surface giving superior self cleaning, somewhat similar to a lotus leaf, contrary to beliefs a lotus leaf is not as smooth as you may think, it has a rough surface where tiny air pockets beneath the water droplet create a high water contact angle and the appearance of a super smooth surface, Diamas Professionali is of the same vein, look at it under a microscope and you will see the same style of rough surface where air pockets again are utilized to create the water contact angle.

However this may not be the only thing that sets it apart as the receding contact angle is extremely low where water will begin to “slide” at 20° angles or greater which when reading back at the above doesn’t seem possible if a rough surface is the result of application, harking back to the lotus leaf and its low sliding angle of just 10° and is thus known as a “King Plant” due to its excellent non wettability,  again this is where Diamas Professionali is breaking barriers within paintwork protection, non wettability through excellent hydrophobicity and sliding angles combined.

With the above regarding contact angles breaking all barriers Diamas Professionali and its ingredients have an oxidisation temperature greater than 850°c in air giving greater UV protection ability, however we are talking about liquefied Nanocrystalline Diamonds so expect this figure to be reduced accordingly.

In short you could say that Diamas Professionali is using very clever technology and becoming a mimic by using rough surface geometry to give an appearance of being ultra slick when in fact it’s a natural occurrence.

Diamonds have a high refractive index meaning light does not pass directly through but bounces, back and forth, diamonds also exhibit fluorescence giving an appearance of multiple light sources that give the “Prism” effect, this results in the paintwork whether that be any of the afore mentioned flake, pearl, candy or flip coming to life, whilst the dispersion of light is only moderate the refractive index allows light to hit the paint particles, bounce back and around not straight through making that particular paint type become outstanding in class, enhancing the particles and allowing the owner to see the true value of the paintwork beneath the protective layers.

With the refractive index in mind Diamas Professionali has been tested on satin wrap where the wrap in question was flake infused, the wrap colour itself was unaltered yet the flake was producing the kind of sparkle expected, on standard matt and satin no additional gloss or depth was added making Diamas Professionali the all round paint protection .

Diamas Professionali – The Future

With current applications gracing Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche and Pagani amongst others, Diamas Professionali is fast becoming a firm favourite for TV personalities as well as gathering interest from some of the worlds leading names in professional football, without a doubt Diamas Professionali has already made an immediate impact.

Price per coat is from £150

Prices are not inclusive of any remedial detail work that is needed.

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