Be careful who you choose

Why is this here, it is here to make you aware that not everything is as it appears, or in fact anyone are as they appear.

The term car detailing is exactly that, a term, there are a lot of “detailers” around, especially here in the UK, whether they are any good is a question of not whether they have all the new latest equipment or products, whether or not to believe the hype that they are feeding you, yes there are some very reputable and well respected companies and detailers out there but they appear to be a lot more expensive than the ones with the “Hype”.

Why is that? quite simply put they deserve it. The cheaper more hyped about detailer will in most circumstances have a full time job that pays for their hobby which in turn allows them to buy all “the range” of products and equipment yet keep prices low, many of these will not have adequate insurance let alone experience that should be trusted with your vehicles paintwork or even in some instances a £35000 engine that they insist they are insured to clean and detail,  when in reality they hold only the minimum they require to allow them to trade which is Public Liability.

This insurance covers them only for a public accident relating to trip or slip etc in respect to their wilful neglect where equipment positioning is taken into account and does not cover them to actively drive or work on your car.

Always ensure that they are adequately covered to work upon your vehicle.

They may boast about attending training courses that cost £1000s of pounds but these training courses last only 1-3 days, some even with the most prestigious wax manufacturers in the world, but what does this mean? pretty much that they have attended a course, it doesnt make them capable of doing what they say they can when under pressure of actually doing the job, anyone can look good on a training course.

Having a poor experience from the cheaper more marketable detailers is fast becoming common and something that Reflectology have witnessed many a time over, this bad experience of poor workmanship see’s only one winner and that is the guy doing this as a hobby, it see’s only one outcome which is a vastly upsetting and deteriorating faith placed in the true professional by the unfortunate client, this is not just another fiddle job, its a passion that very few have but more importantly it is a way of life, a living for the true professional which is why you can be sure of a different approach by the true professional as it is their reputation on the line not just a few beers.

So choose wisely the person you appoint to look after the detail that you require.

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