Car Detailing Midlands

Car Detailing Midlands

Who are we:

Reflectology are at the forefront of Car Detailing in Midlands and the surrounding areas.We are completely mobile and offer various packages and treatments to enhance and protect your vehicle.

So What is Detailing:

Detailing is an American term for valeting but Car Detailing in Midlands provided by Reflectology is far from valeting. We provide bespoke vehicle detailing in Midlands and also around the UK.

Why have your car detailed:

Car Detailing in Midlands is becoming more and more popular but with over 25yrs experience Reflectology: The true owners of and have the background to provide a vehicle detailing service in Midlands that will be competitively priced but outstanding in quality.

After Market Repairs:

Unfortunately accidents happen and visits to bodyshops are needed, the issue afterwards is the time allowed in such places does not provide for the correct procedures whilst machine polishing. This is where we at Car Detailing Midlands come in, we have the ways and means to provide a far better finish to the fresh paint than can be achieved elsewhere. So have your Car Detailed in Midlands after any unfortunate accidents.

So Why Choose Car Detailing Midlands:

Choosing Reflectology (Car Detailing Midlands) should be a simple process of elimination, there are a few around that do claim to have so many years experience in car detailing in Midlands but cast your mind back to the terminology, Detailing = valeting, this is more than likely the background others have, many years of cleaning cars, albeit in depth.

Reflectology on the other hand have the experience where it counts, the exact reason you want your car detailing in Midlands in the first place, we don’t profess to be enthusiasts or valeters come detailers like the majority throughout the UK let alone Car Detailing in Midlands. Russell the owner and only person involved with Reflectology and Car Detailing Sheffield  has the knowledge and in depth experience of paintwork, this is rare in the trade with only a handful in the business with the same paint and body background. So why trust an enthusiast who has taken to the trade when you can have one of the best in the UK let alone Midlands.

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