New Car Consultation Inspection and Protection

We have taken steps over the past few years to increase the pleasure of a new car purchase for our new car clients.

It is of our opinion that “The Customer” should not have to pay additional payments for defect removal from a new car, these defects should not be present whether inflicted from factory or inflicted at dealership. This service enables us to try and reduce or remove any such costs.

This service is now available from Reflectology for a smoother, stress free transaction where customer involvement is minimal as we take all the consultation on board between the dealership and ourselves after your initial approval.

How it works:

New Car Purchasing can be extremely stressful especially when the side of paintwork protection and vehicle condition is raised.

With your approval we would either sit in on the Pre Delivery Inspection to ensure no defects are inflicted at this point or immediately afterwards.

A report is then raised and should any issues be noted we will inform firstly yourself and then the dealership, we will also give an exact cost of the needed reconditioning work if any are found.

Whilst we are in no legal position to agree or negotiate on your behalf we will mediate between yourself and the dealership to ensure the correct outcome is met with the final agreement being met between yourself and the dealership. You may have to make a phone call or 2.

Once this is done we will again take over and arrange all the itinerary for the impending New Car Detail that you will have by now chosen.

This service has a fee of £275 but we must stress that this “Could” be all you pay for your New Car Detail.  If however our service is unsuccessful and you should take out our New Car Detail Treatment we will refund £50 of this fee. Additional costs may be incurred should we need to travel in excess of 10 miles to inspect the vehicle at dealership.

Whilst we aim to be as efficient as possible we cannot guarantee that dealerships will take our service on board and may even dismiss our findings, (this is where the phone call or 2 comes in).

You should not have to pay for this.

This was paid in full by the dealership.


Since we have been carrying out this service we have been successful in negotiating full payment for circa 7 out of 10 vehicles whether this be dealership or manufacturer.

Please contact us for more information on this service should this be of any interest to.

This service has also had success in the Approved Used Car sector.

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