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Reflectology Bentley ContinentalYou may feel that after spending £40,000 on your latest vehicle you cannot justify an additional outlay on further treatments for your new investment. But maybe think of it outside the box, with a lack of knowledge your own weekly wash routine may deteriorate the exterior of your vehicle not only from a visual perspective but also for the protection of the paints own surface, foreign car washes only speed up the process due to the severe nature of the chemicals they use and lack of understanding of how to treat a car properly.
At Reflectology, one of the UK’s leading specialists, with the knowledge and passion we can change that, we have the understanding and care packages to transform the exterior of your vehicle and to ensure you have the knowledge that once your vehicle has been transformed to your specific requirements it can be kept in a pristine condition. There is also the issue of insurance, how can you be certain the local car wash has adequate insurance cover. A chamois leather only serves to inflict further damage yet seems to be the preferred drying method for most local car washes, who even offer to remove scratches and swirls but these are most likely to be the ones that they have inflicted over a period of only a few weeks. Should you choose to avoid these and have your car looked after by a professional then your car will look better than it was in the showroom. Here at Reflectology we do not force anyone into having treatments carried out by us, we will gladly provide a free quotation upon assessment. We do not chase or harass potential clientèle,  all we do say is make sure the correction specialist entrusted with your vehicle is insured for Items Worked Upon, Care Custody and Control and Public Liability at the very least.

We provide premises based services where our unit is covered by dual comm security with a police response monitored alarm system, security is a priority which is why we only use insurance approved installers and products. It is a controlled environment at our “Detailing Den” just off Junction 30 of the M1. With full comprehensive insurance and internal risk cover your pride and joy will be completely safe, sound and tucked up in bed each night it is in our control. No address details are published by us on the net or on this website for added security and only the smallest of signage is visible prior to walking through the door, once a booking has been made and a deposit taken we will forward the address details of the unit.

Mobile Detailing will only be carried out if adequate indoor space is provided.

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Our mission

The Science behind the Shine

Provide exceptional paintwork servicing for discerning car lovers. Reflectology is at the forefront of paint reconditioning and ongoing maintenance. Our extensive background and knowledge enables us to provide the highest quality correction and associated car care products. We take pride in your pride and joy.

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