These coatings simply put are perfect for aesthetics as well as durability.

We carry with us at present Polish Angel Cosmic, a 9h Glasscoat that is simply stunning in protection but lacks nothing in the looks department.

Polish Angel Viking Shield, probably our current favourite that when layered simply put looks stunning, with its protection pedigree this really has to be a coating that intensifies gloss and clarity to any colour its applied to.

Master sealant, whilst the original its still a very very plausible sealant that is exceptionally durable but adds a wetness to the surface.

All these can be added to any treatment we provide with prices below.

PA Cosmic Upgrade from £45 (£30)

PA Viking Shield Upgrade from £35 (£20)

PA Master Sealant from £2

5 (£15)

These prices are inclusive of one coat and the relevant polish used, additional coats in brackets.