Max Protect UNC-R Upgrade

Here we have our Max Protect UNC-R upgrade for those sensitive areas should you choose to have them protected.

Front bumpers, mirrors, bonnet edges and A pillars are constantly getting the full battering from the elements and flying debris.

UNC-R can protect against this as it is a rubberised coating that aids in the protection from stone chips and other Debris. Although this is not a paint protection film we have witnessed extreme condition results with no adverse affects.

A full area protection will include.

Front Bumper



Bonnet edges

Wing Edges (dependant on make and model)

A Pillars (dependant on make and model)


This protection starts from as little as £55.

*Please ensure that you are fully aware that this is not a paint protection film and we would recommend that you visit our products page to get a complete information breakdown of the product prior to requesting this.

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