Max Protect Ultimate

With services fast becoming determined by products used and the way the end result will perform we can now offer our most durable coating treatment.

This will include our multiple stage wash process along with our ultimate cleanse which includes Alkali water carefully applied in small sections to completely free any surface of ground in dirt and grime. Please dont mistake our Alkali Water with any TFR (traffic film remover) or other cheap, nasty and damaging caustic solutions. This process is not sprayed upon the surface, nor is this applied through a foam lance, application is by hand where complete coverage can be monitored and sensitive areas can be omitted.

The vehicle will then be subjected to as many as 6 stages of machine work where defects are eradicated as effectively as is allowed.

Once ready the coatings will be applied of which will consist of UNC v1-UNC v2 or UNC-R.

Please note that this whole process is time consuming and you should expect to be without your vehicle for 5-7+ days depending upon vehicle size.

*Please ensure that you are fully aware that this is not a paint protection film and we would recommend that you visit our products page to get a complete information breakdown of the product prior to requesting this.

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