Porsche 911-GT2 RS

Now this isnt a true GT2RS but its a very very good likeness, it probably has more power than one as well, i was approached for this while i was down at my local Supercar Centre working on a few of thier customer cars and the owner asked if I was particular in the way a car was cleaned, i think we all know the answer, so we were booked in.

So on with the wash process, wheels done with woollys and other brushes, along with my own wheel cleaner R-6IX, will show these pics this time, dont normally because I just like to crack on and save the picture taking for when it really counts.

Once the wheels and arches were done it was time to crack on with the car itself, a quick pre foam wash with R-1NE and the brushes were out around window rubbers, wipers and tailgate.

Now the valeter used for this does a very good job at washing the car and then applying protection, of some kind, it would have taken me hrs to remove this but luckily I have my own wax and LSP removal product so it was gone in a flash.

Just a few squirts of the thick concentrate gel on a wet panel.

Wiped on with a foam applicator, black side.

Leave to dwell for about 5 minutes and then rinse off thoroughly.

It was then clayed with Supernatural Clay, fetching off black overspray.

At this point it was time to deal with the cleaning of the exhausts, when i say cleaning I dont mean the polishing part, I am making that bit so much easier by using the wax remover from earlier.

One blob

And a 50-50

And finally no effort needed leaving this ready for later polishing.

Finally getting it indoors for some serious work.

From one extreme.

To the other.

New polish used again with Scholl Pads pads, this is one hit.

And as per, the Beluga Towel used for panel protection.

Carrying on

This was the worst area of the car and as 2 different camera sources were used i cant locate the during shots of this area unfortunately.

Anyway with all the machine work done and having spent roughly 20 hrs to this point cleansing, correcting and reconditioning the paintwork it was time for the application of Polish Angel Cosmic, but here are a few pics prior to application and not forgetting the exhausts.

Love this pic

Exhausts polished with the scruff and the addition of my own metal polish R-4UR.

Cosmic Time

And now for outside pics.

Thanks for looking and checking in on another Reflectology outing.

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