Ferrari F430 Spider

Well its been a while but really havent had time to do much by way of write ups or frequent forums due to the immense way both the business and products have taken off. Business wise the length and breadth of Blighty could well have seen the Reflectology van at some point. However this was a bit closer to home, a meagre 3 miles from home, booked on the back of a previous job the owner was in no doubt he wanted on his F430 what he had seen on his friends 335d.

So lets crack on with a brief intro to the car itself, F430, bought from a local prestige dealership (of which i have worked for clients), paintwork wrecked by their deluge of destructive wash nature let alone the horrendous attitude to machine polishing, the car had been repaired, seen a lot of paint of which this was very poor, the car was then used at a wedding and as such was crawled upon by idiots in Storm Trooper and Darth Vadar fancy dress, needless to say this is going to be a mess.

There were some long days, late nights and around 48 hrs, which isnt a lot in comparison to some i have done but never the less it was hard graft, and as you may know, hard graft reaps rewards. Work Hard Play Hard not Play Easy Work Easy

Here it was on its initial inspection whilst carrying out the work on the 335D.

When i arrived the morning of the epic journey it looked like this.

Usual routine followed, wheels cleaned first with my own wheel cleaner then treated to Iron X (still the best on the market), but in truth the wheels were the best part of the car.

It was then received a foaming pre wash using my own R-1NE Breakthru.

The 2 Bucket obviously followed, again using the versatile R-1NE as the shampoo, after a rinse here and a rinse there and all the other gubbins that goes with it, not gonna show you a picture of a brush or a mitt, we all know what we use, what i will show is how I work with Iron X and Tardis.

First up Iron X

Applied to the whole of the vehicle with the obvious exception and left to dwell a while, wiped over the body and glass with a plush towel, not a crappy cheap 50p MF cloth.

Same was done with Tardis, again with a towel.

Now strangely not much by way of bleeding from both Iron X and Tardis were present but it was there. Think its because it had spent a fair chunk of ownership indoors.

It was then rinsed and dried with the Woolly Mammoth.

An additional hair dryer (Aeolus td901) was used to dry the remaining areas (no pic).

Once inside it was clay time DJ Supernatural Clay has been and is my current favourite clay for quite some time.

Now this pic doesn’t look bad

But how about this one.

Evidence of paintwork, of which i knew it had seen and previously mentioned, by this time mucho hrs had passed so i thought i would have a break from the paintwork for a while and moved onto the engine bay and interior.

Now it didnt look bad, just needed tarting up.

So a quick fizzle over with R-5VE LockDown after a quick clean, coating up everything, R-4UR Metal on the stainless and aluminium areas.

The interior wasnt too bad, just needed a quick make over.

I did what i could with Zaino leather care but in truth the seats could have done with the odd refurb here and there, however its a lot better than where the owner used to sit.

As you can tell with the shadows, its getting late and dark outside and the unit lighting was not the best.

R-4UR Metal on the kick plate

Moving back on to the paintwork, and this is where my experience counts, with years of paintwork knowledge i know exactly what to look for and know the tell tale signs of damage, now as mentioned this has seen paint, and poorly, it had also seen a machine polisher at the dealership, this is where i will stick my neck on the block and say those with a lesser knowledge or experience would not have seen this until it was too late.

What are we looking at you ask. Well let me point it out.

Still not getting it, well here you go, strike through from the previous machine polishing.

Here it is magnified under digital microscope

After further magnified

As you can see, its not that easy to spot, it appears that the paint that was poor has broken via machine butchery but as its colour on colour, its not that visible.

Anywhoo, back to it with a few more defects.

This is the door where the strike through is.

Again the damage is not that noticeable. But just for those who want to see what i see.

Quarter panel

Moving on to the bonnet

In fact this was the pattern that carried on throughout the whole of the car.

Right on to some of the measurements, you can just about make it out because of the light on the screen. This was from the bonnet.

Other areas were like this

But as you have seen by the strike through, mucho paint doesnt mean, mucho paint to work with.

It was then all masked up and ready for an early start the on day 2.

But before i headed on home for the night, not sure of the time, i decided to give the new polish system a go, well i say new, i have been using the cutting polish for about 14 months but the finisher for about 3 years.

Heres how the wing came up after one hit with the Super Cut.

The bonnet then had a quick hit and came up like so, remember this is one hit only of Super Cut.

Front Wing Before

And after

Door Before

And after

Quarter panel Before

And after

Where the roof sits on the engine cover seems to mark up easy so the lift and glass were done.

That was the pattern set as i mentioned early, i also mention the Storm Trooper and Darth Vadar damage, heres just one area of that.

After reducing and refining the car was getting there.

The Beluga Drying Towel, this is how i use mine

Now onto that strikethrough, how did i deal with it, well i can tell you, experience, knowledge and a gentle approach knowing that this would not be perfect and the smallest refining blend will have to suffice.

Masking off wiped down and getting close to application of Max Protect UNC

Now time for this.

Now you will have to excuse the quality of the following pictures purely because of the poor lighting, but at least you know i dont tweak the pictures in any way shape or form. But then again, i dont profess to be a photographer, thats not really what i get paid for.

it was then left overnight for the coating to cure and i returned the following afternoon to protect the roof and pop a spot of Zimmamibob Italian wax on top.

Hope this was to your liking and thanks for taking the time to read the 2 part write up.

Heres a quick video.Dont forget to hit the High Def button.

Again thanks for looking.

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