Resilience Polymer Coat Kit

Resilience Polymer Coat Kit

Resilience 50ml £12.95

Resilience is our new Polymer coating that provides high levels of gloss and durability, its hydrophilic nature allows water to sheet away leaving very little behind, but once the sheeting has subsided it becomes hydrophobic, in tests it has effectively reduced the affects of ice and frost on paintwork making this an ideal winter protection however due to the wet look achieved it is also an all year round protection.

Apply via cotton applicator and allow to bond with the surface, we would suggest around 10 minutes, gently buff the residue with a short nap cloth you may notice some slight smears, then with a separate fluffy microfibre buff to complete.

Used in conjunction with Resilience Polymer Shampoo and BoostQD for regular maintenance this system will be hard to beat not only in looks but also ease of use.

50ml is sufficient to coat 2-4 vehicles, this is bottled to order.


BoostQD 500ml £9.95

Boost QD will increase durability by simply boosting the surface of the existing polymer without compromise, when used monthly this will be nothing short of impressive and will increase the level of protection for piece of mind especially in the winter months.

Just spray on, buff off its that simple.

It can also be used in a very special manner, a rinse and protect sealant, after rinsing away all shampoo from the surface simply liberally spray this on  and pressure rinse away, water will just flow leaving just droplets left to be dried.

Products of a similar nature cost in the region of £40 for 100ml but here you get 500ml


Resilience Polymer Shampoo 500ml £8.95

RPS is a shampoo based upon the make up of the above products, not only does it clean without compromise it will give that added lift to your vehicles paint and glass.

The resilience polymers are quite special in the fact that when first applied the surface will be hydrophilic meaning the water will sheet away from the surface, this will appear to be a slow flow of water and somewhat different than the beading effect normally witnessed, however this removes in the region of 95% of surface water leaving little chance of water spotting, but the magic doesn’t end there, should you choose to follow your drying with a quick buff with microfibre the coating becomes more hydrophobic.


Resilience Compelte Kit £28.95

Take all 3 above in one click and save almost 10%. This kit will soon have a primer that holds uncurable polymers that will then crosslink with the top coat, this however can be used beneath a wax to aid gloss or with any other polymer based product. The primer is a very light abrasive that imparts gloss to the surface whilst preparing it for the lsp, with this in mind this should be used after final finishing or as a burnishing polish.


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