R-6IX DeconCleanse

New Formula, More Benefits.

R-6IX Decon Cleanse 500ml £12.50

R-6IX DeconCleanse is a high quality gel which doubles as a fallout remover for all paint and wheels etc, Decon Cleanse is our new R-6IX that can be used on its own,  diluted as a pre wash or through a foam lance, the reasoning behind this is that it contains ingredients that will aid in the removal of general dirt, grease and grime as well as do what its meant to do and remove any iron contamination present on the vehicle. Unlike some on the market this R-6IX DeconCleanse is NON TOXIC and is the strongest possible formula without being so.

The following pictures may shed some light onto Decon Cleanse. These are of Decon Cleanse in action after one of the leading brands had been used prior, as you will see it is still picking up what’s been left behind.



Sometimes marketing determines what people will buy, we believe in good honest products which is why we advise you should clean your wheels with a dedicated wheel cleaner before applying any decontamination/fallout removers, this way you will get the benefit of all products, however such is the cleaning power of Decon Cleanse we have chosen to market this now as an all in one wheel cleaner/fallout remover and has now been re-marketed as R-6IX DeconCleanse.It also has the bonus of a Tutti Frutti aroma that comes through when spraying.

Please test small areas to determine whether this is suitable for your purpose or surface. Do not use in strong direct sunlight or when panels are hot.

We try to show you how products are meant to work, and the way they are supposed to be used.

R-6IX pH Neutral Wheel Cleaner with trigger spray – 500ml – £12.50



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