Audi A8 immense turnaround

As the title says, this Audi A8 belonged to someone in the police hierarchy that was lets say not so well liked, hence the state of the car.

When my client purchased this from the dealership he was told of its history and once this history was passed on to me well its no surprise its in the state it is,or was.

Now i have been a touch busy of late and let slide the odd write up so please bare with me whilst i get my bearings running smoothly again.

As you will see its not a pretty site.

These are from its drop off.

First up as always were the wheels, these were treated to my own R-6IX wheel cleanser and fallout remover

After its wash the paintwork was treated to the same as well as tar remover.

Not many pictures of the wash stages but I think you will forgive me that with what is to come next. But it was that bad the exhaust tips even got a good claying.

The Hack.

I think you get the general idea of how bad this was. So lets crack on with a spot of the complete transformation.

A spot of wet sanding was needed

Piano Black nightmare

i would like to carry on with the split 50/50s but think i need more room for the finished article.

I spent circa 65 hours on this and after numerous stages of machine polishing and refining we got to this stage.

Once all the polishing, refining and clean up was complete it was all coated up leaving some complete unrecognisable A8 sat in the unit.


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