Audi A5 SiRamik Coating

The title should lead you to think that this has been “detailed” previously, it has, as a new car prep.

As the story goes this in fact was an old client of mine from a few years ago that had purchased a new A5 and wanted it protecting and just looking how a new car should, unfortunately his budget wouldn’t quite stretch to have work carried out by myself and so ended up using someone else (of which now he regrets) his words in his email afterwards “Russ i have made a terrible mistake and gone elsewhere and the car is worse than when it went in”

Now I just do my job and get on with it but the client I could see was extremely unhappy especialy where the removed badges were as this was something he had requested was done, he did inform that the glue from the badges was still on the car, when i started it was quite amateur at best.

The car came to me less than 2 months after it had been done previously, polish residue was present and generally the finishing was poor.

Scratches where the badges had been removed, these will become clearer later.

Now I would have used this instead of something that could potentially scratch.

Having done very few miles since it was done the wheels had seen better days

As you will see from the next few pictures it was foamed and rinsed, there is or was NO existing protection.

After all decon and washing it was moved indoors to highlight what was on offer.

And after just a quick tickle over

And as promised, the area where the badges were removed.

Also of concern was a comment made to the customer that the bumpers couldn’t be polished because the paint/plastic would burn.

I beg to differ.

When all rectification work had been carried out the paint was left looking like this prior to any coatings applied.

It was then time to get some protection laid down, but as with all the process of removing any residue should be done prior to this.

It was then hit with compressed air to remove any dust that may have gathered.

It was then coated in SiRamik Surface Coat


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