Audi A3 rescue

Think you might like this one, not only does it show the damaging affects of a popular coating but also how hard it is to remove, on arrival for viewing I was gobsmacked at the state of it but once work started it was just a sheer drop in mental forgiveness for those that do things like this.

Anyway on with the job in hand.

A few arrival shots prior to work commencing.

Yes, its sprayable vinyl (wont say which one, if there are more than one) and removal wasn’t exactly easy, plenty of tardis and other grease and grime busting chemicals.

But what had the coating done to the paint, well take a look.

I think you get the jist, now what i assume is the reason for the catastrophe in the first place, other than the obvious colour change.

Wait for it.

Hold on.

getting there.


Oh ok then.

Even some broken paint on the bumper.

Round the other side.

Now the shocking realism to this is that the owner had a budget, and that barely stretched to 2 days, so it was finger out and crack on.

Now understandably this wasn’t going to be overwhelming, single stage with Rotex using both forced drive and eccentric was the quickest way to cut and refine in one simple step.

It was all then finished off with a couple of coats Defiance Spray Sealant.

It was a far stretch to get this something like and it was a challenge but as you can see a very different car indeed.

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